Wednesday, December 16, 2009

whoa, didn't see that coming

I had a first date with a new guy, R., that I met through a website. I almost canceled in lieu of an early bedtime.

I'm so glad I didn't.

We didn't do much: dinner at a sub-par local chain and then a trip to Borders for coffee and browsing. But the conversation was awesome, the attraction was there, and something just clicked. He is: a perfect gentleman, well educated, successful in his career, attractive, funny, and genuine.

"I'd really like to see you again," he said as we stood in the slight misty drizzle in front of my car.

"I'd like that a lot."

"I'll most definitely be calling you."

"I can't wait."

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  1. Yay! This sounds great! Can't wait to hear more!