Monday, December 7, 2009

small world

As I'm cooking dinner, there's a knock on my door. It's one of my cool neighbors, M1. She came to talk about crazy neighbor downstairs, who has been a 65-year-old troublemaker since the day he's moved in.

As we're talking about legal reprecussions, she mentions that perhaps she'll have her friend, who is a DA, write a letter on her behalf to the apartment complex and Crazy Neighbor.

"Is your friend single?" I ask.

"Oh my God, why haven't I thought of setting you two up before?! His name is JD, he's 29, so smart, and he's awesome! You two would be perfect!"

"Wait a sec," I say, as I make my way to the computer. He sounds familiar.

"Wait, did you meet him on match?" she asks me.

"Um, we talked a lot, but for some reason never went out."

"Whoa! Well, he's one of my very best friends. You two would be perfect. I'm going to set you up." By this point she's jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

M1 leaves, and I sign on to match. His profile has changed; he now states that he's found someone, and that he wishes everyone luck. I email M1, who says she'll get to the bottom of it, as last she knew he wasn't seeing anyone.

I emailed him anyway. He emails back and says that he and the girl just got in a fight, so if it doesn't work out, he'd love to grab a beer. And that M1 emailed him the same time I did. I let him know that I'll be chilling on the back burner until he's ready for that pint.

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