Tuesday, December 15, 2009

welcome to the neighborhood

I met I. not long after I had moved here. We were friends at first, as I was still with LTExB. Not long after that went sour, I. and I started exploring our relationship in more dimensional ways.

He was decent enough: a musician with a real job that made good money, relatively attractive, but with a few too many tattoos.

I'm not sure what happened; this was around the time I was seeing Store Owner and Architect #1, so there seemed to be a revolving door to my love life. But I do know this. I went to see his band play, and he acted very odd. This wasn't the first time I had seen his band, and I certainly wasn't expecting any attention whatsoever. Something was just off.

We remained facebook friends, and a few months later he was in a relationship with a really cute gal who, I do think, is the exact opposite of me in the looks department.

Fast forward to the summer. My assistant and her son came over to swim, and as we're having a grand ol' time splashing about, I. and his girlfriend walked into the pool area. We didnt' excahnge words, and really, barely a glance. A month later, he emailed me. They had moved in together into my complex. He had thought it was a great place when he'd come to see me, so he's the one that suggested it. I respond back, "That's nice. I'm happy for you! So if I see you, do I know you"

"Well, she knows about us."

"What does she know?"


"Okay, but I'm not going out of my way to make friends with her."

"Probably a good idea."

They got engaged last week. I'm truly happy for them, as their facebook pictures make them out to be extremely happy. I probably won't wish her happiness, as I doubt that would be the correct thing to do.

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