Saturday, December 19, 2009

this dude must really like me

Yesterday I worked a half day, and he picked me up at 3 to spend time being tourists. We got horribly lost, asked directions at a sketchy convenience store, and eventually found our way back downtown.

We decided to do appatizers and wine at a local, well known Italian place. It was delicious, but after sharing a bottle of wine, we were a little buzzed. We still had a few hours before the show, so we made our way to a martini bar, where we each had two drinks.

Do you see where this is going?

R. had amazing seats at the theatre; so amazing, in fact, that they took drink orders and served throughout the show. We each had another glass.

1 song before intermission, I was konked out, fast asleep on his shoulder, and I preceded to sleep as he went to the facilities. The way he tells it, as he was leaving to come back inside, he overheard a man tell a cop that there was an unresponsive woman in the theatre. R. jumped into nurse mode, only to discover that the unresponsive woman was me, fast asleep. I'm a really deep sleeper, but he was able to get me up so I could tell the cop I was fine.

He still likes me and wants to see me again. Dude must really like me.

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  1. Wow! I had a similar situation happen to me. A guy that I dated and I loved to drink Merlot. One night we went out to dinner and shared a bottle of Merlot and then went to see the movie "Hannibal". About halfway through the movie I fell asleep and started snoring! My date woke me up and started laughing saying that I was ruining the movie because all he could hear was me snoring on his shoulder. Alcohol + dark movie theaters = sleepy time!