Monday, January 11, 2010


One of Nick's exs posted a few paragraphs on his facebook memorial page about how much he meant to her, how lucky she was to have loved him, etc and so on and BARF.

She dumped him when the cancer came back. She told him that she was moving to South America to "escape the sadness" because she couldn't take his illness anymore.

Let me get this straight. Your boyfriend has cancer. He's in remission. The cancer comes back. And just when he needs you the most, when he needs consistency and love and reassurance, you decide to be a selfish c*nt and move to a remote country to work on a coffee bean plantation to gain inspiration for a novel you hope to write?

What the f*ck.


Eventually he saw you for what you were. He saw that you were selfish and that the entire relationship was him giving, giving, giving, and you never satisfied with what you got, never mind any reciprocity.

So don't go on lamenting on facebook that he was the greatest man you ever knew. Don't bother saying how much you loved him. Wasn't your fit of hysterics at the funeral enough? Wasn't it dramatic enough for you to throw yourself on the floor have have to be removed from your equally hysterical sisters?

Leave his sister, his parents, his family, and his true friends alone.

Because he deserved someone who would be there for him. And we were. You weren't.

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