Saturday, January 9, 2010

Architect #1

We met for margaritas at my favorite place in the neighborhood. He lived across the street and walked over, getting there before me. He stood to greet me when I arrived and I noticed he was tall.

Architect+tall+handsome=good in my book

Within a few minutes, I noticed he had a facial twitch. Not too bad, just enough to be distracting.

We hit it off, I guess. We spent a few nights a week hanging out. Usually we'd grab a bite to eat and watch a few episodes of Arrested Development on DVD. We started sleeping together. I think we maybe had sex 3 times. But each time, the condom would break. We'd laugh it off, finish, and then take a shower.

He was cute, witty, smart, and a gentleman.

He came over to my place only once. We had dinner, a few beers, and then I fell asleep. He woke me up and we started talking about the weekend. He wanted to take a trip to the Hill Country for the weekend. I made a joke about how many condoms we could break.

I guess he was looking to get serious. And I guess I could have, but my joke made him think I was only in it to get laid.

That's the last night we hung out. We didn't talk for a few days, so I sent him a text message asking him to return my Arrested Development DVDs. And he did, while I was at work.

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